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Studentsafe, Workersafe and Explorersafe claims are managed by Allianz Global Assistance. Marsh is responsible for ensuring that claims handling performance is maintained to the highest standard.

Worldwide Emergency Assistance while travelling

Worldwide emergency assistance is provided by Allianz Global Assistance. If you are travelling outside New Zealand and a medical or security emergency occurs during your travel or stopover, you can phone +64 9 488 1638 (reverse charge) from abroad for advice when you need it. 

Claim Process

If you have a loss or event while travelling, keep all records and receipts.

Allianz Global Assistance processes many thousands of claims each year and when the correct information is supplied by you, assessment of the claim can be very prompt.

Send the form together with your receipts and any supporting information such as police reports to: Allianz Global Assistance, P O Box 112316, Penrose, Auckland 1642, New Zealand or you can email the Claims Team on

For claims assistance, call toll-free:

Within New Zealand: 0800 486 004 (toll-free) or +64 9 488 1638

Worldwide Reverse Charge: +64 9 488 1638

Studentsafe Claims

If you are a Studentsafe Inbound University or Inbound Learner policyholder, you will need to follow the standard Claim Process above. However, there are some exceptions to this: 

Campus Health Centres

If you are a Studentsafe Inbound University policyholder and you attend your Campus Health Centre, you may be eligible to have your consultation fees paid direct to the centre by Allianz Global Assistance without paying the centre first or filing a claim form. You will only be able to use this benefit if you are covered under your policy wording. The attending GP or nurse will be able to tell you if you are eligible. 

List of Campus Health Centres

Pharmaceutical Costs

You may be prescribed medications after visiting your Campus Health Centre. If you do, you may be eligible to have your prescription fees paid by Allianz Global Assistance without paying for the script first or filing a claim form. You will only be eligible for this if your Campus Health Centre visit was also paid directly by Allianz Global Assistance. 

Optical Claims

If you have paid at least 50% of the standard annual premium for your policy, you have cover under your policy if your prescription optical aids are lost, stolen or your vision changes while you are studying. We have an arrangement with two optical providers, where you will not need to pay them first or complete a claim form. They  will invoice Allianz Global Assistance and we will pay them. 

The Providers are:

Specsavers - it has a number of branches throughout New Zealand. To apply under this process please click here or visit and provide your name, Student ID number and the name of your education provider.

Specsavers will confirm cover with us and then contact you to arrange an appointment.

Campuspecs - it has a branch near the Auckland Art Gallery and is available to University of Auckland and AUT students for optical treatment. Click here or visit for more information.