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The Studentsafe Outbound policy provides travel insurance cover to New Zealand residents, citizens and student visa holders who are leaving New Zealand temporarily for study.

Inbound University

The Studentsafe Inbound University policy provides travel insurance cover for international students studying at a University in New Zealand.

Inbound Learners

Our Studentsafe Inbound Learners policies are designed for international students studying at a New Zealand tertiary institution that is not a university.

Inbound Young Learners

Our Studentsafe Inbound Young Learners policies are designed for students attending a New Zealand primary school, intermediate or high school.


Studentsafe Domestic is a travel insurance policy designed for New Zealand residents or citizens living and studying away from home within New Zealand.

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to study overseas.

Studying abroad or even within New Zealand if you are a New Zealander, is an exciting adventure. But like all adventures, this comes with some level of risk. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have your medical and travel insurance under control. If you are coming to New Zealand, you’ll also need medical cover to qualify for an international student visa. Use the Policy Finder to narrow your policy search, or click on each policy to learn more about the level of cover provided and get a quote.

Studying in New Zealand:
Luckily if you’re an international student who’s been accepted to study at a New Zealand University, your Studentsafe Inbound University policy is offered as part of your enrolment process. If you are not an international student or you are studying at a different educational provider, we can still provide you with a policy.

Studying outside of New Zealand:
If you are currently residing in New Zealand and wishing to study overseas, you might be interested in our Studentsafe Outbound policy.

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Studentsafe Inbound Learners

New Zealand is a great and safe place to study. We’re a friendly nation and have plenty to keep you entertained when you’re not studying. All international students studying in New Zealand are required, by the 'Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students', to have medical, travel and other types of insurance for the duration of their study.

Our Studentsafe Inbound Learners policies are designed for international students studying at a New Zealand  tertiary institution that is not a university. If you are planning to study at one of our universities, see Studentsafe Inbound University.  

Click here to review the Studentsafe Inbound Learners  policy for 2017 if you have a claimable event in this period.

Studentsafe Inbound Learners

Non-New Zealand residents, who temporarily reside and study in New Zealand, and will be attending an adult tertiary or educational institution are eligible to apply for the Studentsafe Inbound Learners policies. The Platinum policy provides a wide range of cover with comprehensive benefits and higher limits. The Essentials policy has reduced benefits and limits.  To decide which policy is right for you please refer to the Policy Wording

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You can get a quote and buy your policy online or contact us on our toll free number 0800 486 004 (within NZ) or outside NZ +64 9 488 1638

Policy cover

You will be sent a Policy Certificate electronically. This will be emailed to you as soon as you have confirmed your policy and paid the premium. The Policy Certificate will include specific information about your policy including your period of cover. We recommend that you store this in a safe place. 

Policy Claims Excess

The Studentsafe Inbound Learners policy includes an excess of $100 for baggage and a $200 excess for portable computers or sporting equipment. Terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply. Please refer to the Policy Wording for detailed terms of cover. 

Pre-existing medical conditions

The Studentsafe Inbound Learners policy does not automatically cover pre-existing medical conditions. A pre-existing condition is a medical or physical condition that you had before you enrolled in the plan and can extend to conditions you were aware of but did not seek treatment for. Cover can be arranged in certain circumstances by completing a medical assessment form. An additional premium will be charged if cover is approved.

Click here to download a Medical Assessment Form.

Specified High Value Items

For any baggage items that are worth more than the policy item limit of $2,500 (Platinum) and $2,000 (Essentials) you can extend the cover and specify the item on your policy. An additional premium will be charged to specify an item and you should insure it for the indemnity or current value of the item.

These items can be specified on your policy or if you cover is arranged through NMIT click here to download a Specified High Value Items Form.

Making a claim 

To learn more about how to make a claim, visit the claims page on this website.

Group Bookings 

We can organise group policies for 10 people or more. Contact us on our toll-free number 0800 486 004 (within NZ) or +64 9 488 1638 (outside NZ) to receive your group quote.


Click here to download the brochure.

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