When considering the purchase of a policy, please note that many travel insurance policies will not cover claims or financial losses related to epidemics or pandemics. Additionally, the fear of traveling is not covered by any travel insurance policy. Please review the policy details or contact us for more information.
Insurance Safe

Safe Travel Advisory

The New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) posts regular updates on the potential risks of travelling to certain countries or regions. The warning can increase and decrease as the situation changes in that country. MFAT ensure this is updated regularly. We strongly consider MFAT’s advice in our decision on whether a region is covered under each policy. It is advisable to check the notifications below, or visit the Safe Travel site to determine the risk level to your chosen destination before you book.

For travel advisories applying to Insurancesafe policies, visit here.

Extreme risk:

MFAT advise against all travel.

High risk:

Avoid all tourist and non-essential travel.

Some risk:

Signifies a level of risk that warrants caution.

For destinations which are not subject to an MFAT risk level we recommend you apply common sense when travelling as you would at home.
If you are unsure if you are covered due to a Safe Travel advisory, refer to your policy wording or call us on 0800 486 004 or outside NZ +64 9 488 1638.