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祝贺您 决定前往海外工作


我们的工作保险可以为离开新西兰前往海外工作的人提供出境工作保险(Workersafe Outbound),也可以为抵达新西兰工作的人提供入境工作保险(Workersafe Inbound)。


Moving overseas with a pet

Moving overseas with a pet

For many of us, our pets are part of the family. For expats intending to move overseas with their pet, planning and research before the move is essential. It is crucial to ensure the welfare of your beloved pet during and after transit, and that regulation surrounding the importation and exportation of pets is complied with.

Before you go:

Research animal import regulations for your new country of residence, to determine what conditions must be met for your pet to be allowed en

Transitioning from study to work

Transitioning from study to work

How great students become awesome workers anywhere in the world

Taking the leap from study to the workforce can feel overwhelming – but there are steps you can take to make that change more comfortable.

Graduating is an exciting process – it’s time to celebrate the years you’ve spent working hard towards getting your degree! But then it’s time to become a fully-fledged grown-up contributing your part to society.

Everyone has something to offer


Everybody needs good neighbours

Keeping in touch

Learning a foreign language

Learning a foreign language

Tips for expat parents

When you arrive in a new country, exchanging a few words of conversation with a local can help you to feel settled. It’s a great way to get to know people, and a useful skill to have for your time abroad. Here, we take a look at how expats parents can prepare themselves and their children for this challenge and provide some tips for successfully mastering the local lingo.

In general, the younger your children are the easier it will be for them to pick u


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Workersafe Inbound

New Zealand is a beautiful country and its residents can enjoy a great work-life balance. If you’re planning to work here, you and your family have made a great decision. It’s important to make sure that you are all well covered during your stay. The Workersafe Inbound policy provides travel insurance cover to New Zealand inbound workers and their families.

Policy Eligibility

You are eligible to apply for the Workersafe Inbound Policy if you:

  • Hold a current New Zealand work visa; or 
  • Are exempt from the requirements to hold a visa to visit New Zealand; or 
  • Your country of origin has a visa waiver agreement with New Zealand. 

You must also:

  • Be 70 years of age or younger when you purchase the policy. 

You can include cover for accompanying dependants and family under this policy. Dependant children under 21 years of age can be covered for no additional premium but will share the insured person’s policy benefit limits. 

If you have purchased a policy prior to 1 December 2016 and you are looking for your policy wording or have any queries please contact us on 0800 486 004.

Get Quote

You can get a quote and buy your policy online or contact us on our toll-free number 0800 800 048 (within NZ) or +64 9 486 0048 (outside NZ). 

Record of cover

You will be sent a Policy Certificate electronically. This will be emailed to you as soon as you have confirmed your policy and paid the premium. The Policy Certificate will include specific information about your policy including your period of cover. We recommend that you store this in a safe place. 

Policy Claims Excess

The Workersafe Inbound policy includes a choice of policy excess options and an excess of $200 for portable electronic devices. Terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply. Please refer to the Policy Wording for detailed terms of cover.

Pre-existing medical conditions

Some pre-existing medical conditions are automatically covered under this policy. Please review the Policy Wording to determine if your condition is covered. If you require cover for additional pre-existing medical conditions, you will have the opportunity to apply for cover by completing a medical assessment form. You will be charged an additional premium if we accept cover.

Click here to download a Medical Assessment Form.

Specified High Value Items

For any baggage items that are worth more than the policy item limit you can extend the cover and specify the item on your policy. For portable computer equipment the item limit is $3,000 and for all other items the limit is $2,500. An additional premium will be charged to specify an item and you should insure it for the indemnity or current value of the item. These items can be specified when purchasing your policy online. Please note a limit of $10,000 per item and $20,000 for all specified high value items applies.

Making a claim

To learn more about how to make a claim, visit the claims page on this website.

Group Bookings

We can organise group policies for 10 people or more. Contact us on our toll-free number 0800 800 048 (within NZ) or +64 9 486 0048 (outside NZ) to receive your group quote.


Click here to download the brochure.

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01 1 您的旅行目的是什么?

02 您将前往哪个国家?

03 您将从哪里出发?

04 将在新西兰就读哪所学校?











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